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How to Choose the Best Gas Rewards Credit Card

Finding a gas rewards credit card is something many consumers are looking for to offset the higher prices in gasoline we pay everyday. There are Texaco gas cards, Chevron gas cards, Mobile, BP, Exxon and the list goes on. But do you want to be driving all over town to use the card that matches the gas station.

The problem with gas credit cards that bear their own logo on them, is they usually don’t offer any rewards at another gas station or you can’t use them at any other gas stations. What is the point of saving money on gas purchases, if you have to drive out of your way to use them.

The best gas rewards credit cards, are usually offered by the bigger banks, because they don’t limit the rewards to a specific gas station. Rewards are good at BP, Mobile, Exxon, Texaco, Hess, or wherever you fill up your tank. In addition, most major gas rewards cards offered by the bigger banks like Discover, Chase, Citi etc have flexibility in mind, so you can earn rebates on all other purchases as well.

If you choose to apply for a card like the chevron/texaco card, or BPCard, or any of the other local gas cards, look at the terms and flexibility of the card before you turn in that application, you might be better off with a major rewards card for gas purchases.

Compare gas rewards credit cards

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