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Using a Cash Rewards Credit Card to Pay your Bills

When paying your bills, using a Cash Rewards creditcard to pay off these bills will put extra cash in your pocket. Depending on your credit cards cash rewards program, you can get anywhere from 1-5% back on your bill payments.

Imagine paying a $100 utility bill and getting 5 bucks back for using your card to pay it. Of course, responsibility is the key. You will need to pay the balance off in full before the due date on your next billing cycle. Since you were going to pay the card out of your bank account anyways, it’s like free money.

What you can do, is find out what bills you can pay with your credit card, and sign up for easy pay with your cash back credit card, and start paying yourself back. This will work with travel, airlines, and hotel or points credit cards as well.

Some companies that accept payments by credit card are Directv, Dish Netwsork, Tmobile, Verizon, and many other Cell Phone/TV companies. Don’t forget to pay for gas, buy your groceries, and go out to eat with your rewards credit card!

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