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Choosing the Best Airlines Rewards Credit Card

There is some research involved in getting the best rewards card for frequent flyers. Where you live, how often you fly, which airlines to use, the annual fees and more. The following article may help make your choice in the best airlines credit card offers a bit easier.

Where do you live

If you’re like me, you want to fly non-stop to your destination. Your best chances of that, are flying the airlines that have a hub at the airport you fly out of. I fly out of Phoenix, and Minneapolis so US Airways has a hub in Phoenix, and Northwest/Delta have a hub in Mpls. I applied for a US Airways MasterCard, because they fly direct to Mpls and so does Northwest Airlines. United flies from Mpls to Chicago, to Phoenix, and Southwest goes through Denver. So choosing a card based on your location is key.

How often do you fly

If you don’t fly much, then a cash back card, or a points based card might be your best choice. Miles can expire, so lack of flying could create losses in airlines rewards.

Is there an annual fee

Always read the terms and conditions of your prospective miles reward card. Annual fees can easily go above $100 and this might offset any tickets you are trying to earn. Currently the Discover® Miles card has no annual fee, but the American Express cards usually go fee free for the first year and then somewhere around $100 for the 2nd year.

Choosing an airlines card or just a miles card

It is possible to earn bonus miles when booking flights on the specific airlines cards, for example, my US Airways World Mastercard gives me double miles on my booked flight. A general miles card usually doesn’t, however, what I like about a general miles card, is you don’t have to book on any specific airline, and they are usually good for not having blackout dates and expiring miles.

Remember, check the annual fees, expiration policy on miles, blackout date policies, and know your local airline routes, and you should be able to find the , and never pay for an airlines ticket again!

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