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Credit experts recommend spending your credit card rewards

With the new CARD act of 2009, consumers were supposed to get credit card breaks, however, it seems this is not the case. In response to credit cards having tougher restrictions placed on them, fees have been added, and rewards are being slashed.

Because of this, your rewards may not be as valuable this month as they were a year ago. Credit card companies are lowering the value of points, miles and cash back you earn, so the recommendation is to use your rewards sooner rather than later.

If you aren’t sure which rewards program to choose, cash rewards are always the best of them all. You aren’t stuck having to earn 20,000 points for an airline ticket, or 15,000 points for merchandise. Usually your cash rewards are earned at lower point values, and best of all, you get to spend them on whatever YOU want!

If you are looking for a rewards credit card, there are many to compare online at

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