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Should you choose a Visa Rewards Card vs Mastercard Rewards Card

The good news, is the debate between choosing a rewards MasterCard versus the rewards Visa card is not the issue. Almost every merchant that accepts Visa will accept MasterCard also. So the real debate depends on the rewards that the credit card offers.

Believe it or not Visa and MasterCard do not actually issue credit cards. They are simply a method of payment, and they make their fees, by charging the banks. The rewards, fees, points, miles etc. are actually decided by the bank that issues the card.

So when you go searching for your best rewards credit card, don’t worry about it being a Visa or MasterCard, just make sure you are getting the highest rewards possible, and paying the lowest fees.

You can compare Visa rewards credit cards and MasterCard rewards credit cards

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  1. Winona Powell

    I have a visa AARP Rewards card and currently have 5,482 points. I wish to have credit cards for some of these points.
    Information is need re these points and how to use them. Thanks

  2. admin

    Login to your rewards program which you can usually find on your AARP statement, from there you can create an account or login to your existing account and browse your rewards which may be cash, statement credits, restaurant gift cards, merchandise etc.

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