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The Difference Between American Express Cards and other Credit Cards

A common question consumers have about American Express and the standard Visa and Mastercard is “What is the Difference From American Express and Visa or Mastercard?” As far as functionality goes, there is no difference, they are both considered “charge cards” or “credit cards”. They both offer a line of credit that can be used through merchant accounts, and you are required to pay a bill at the end of each month. The downside of American Express, is the fact that they are not accepted at as many locations as Visa, or its competitor Mastercard.

Do you have to pay off the balance each month with American Express?

Getting into the finer details, is another story. American Express cards may or may not have a preset spending limit. What this means is either you have a set limit, for example $10,000, which is the limit you can spend per month, or no pre set limit, which you can charge as much as you want. Most Visa and Mastercards have a preset limit, however, a few select cards do not. Most American Express credit cards with no pre-set spending limit require you to pay the balance off each month.

American Express Rewards Program

When it comes to rewards, American Express is known as the pioneer of rewards cards, and have some of the best rewards a credit card can offer. This is one of the most appealing bullet points of American Express. Because of their excellent rewards programs, it is more likely that your credit is in the excellent category.

I want to apply for an American Express Card

Before you apply for an American Express card, you can compare American Express cards. That way, you can review all the fine print, find the American Express card that is most suitable to your spending habits, and get the most rewards out of your American Express card.

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