Choosing the Top Five Best Rewards Credit Cards

The process of selecting the best rewards credit cards may not be an easy task. Credit card companies offer different rewards programs and categories, making it hard for consumers to pick the one that best fits their needs. If you are looking for a card that can give you optimum rewards from your spending habits, you need to look at several factors before proceeding with your decision-making process. Here are some options that you can consider if you really prefer mileage credit cards:

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

This card from Capital One has been singled out by many cardholders as one of the best. It has a yearly fee of $59, which can be waived on the first year. While you may cringe at its high annual fee, you may find that this is very insignificant compared to the considerable rewards that you can derive from the use of the card. As a customer, you can earn 2% rebates in travel rewards upon making any purchase. Moreover, you do not need to adjust your spending practices in order to increase your chances of accumulating rewards.

You also do not have to worry about limits or expiry dates of points when making a booking at a hotel, particularly when packages in hotels are not valid. All you need to do is use your Capital One Venture rewards credit card for the booking and obtain a credit statement. When you travel to other countries, you accumulate no foreign transaction fees, allowing you to save 3% for every out-of-town purchase.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

The Chase Sapphire Preferred card provides cardholders with the most beneficial signup bonus, which is 40,000 rewards points. This amounts to $500 worth of free travel. This card guarantees clients two points for every $1 spent on dining places and travel as well as another point per $1 for other purchases. The greatest advantage offered by this card is the seven percent dividends for points given at every end of the year. You get 20 percent more for accumulated points if you book for travel using the Ultimate Rewards travel scheme. There is a $95 annual fee which can be put aside during the initial year.

Chase Freedom

The Chase Freedom card is one of the best rewards credit cards ever. It has no annual fee and it allows you to earn more rewards. In addition, it allows you to acquire 5% cash rebates through the rotating bonus category. You get a $100 sign up bonus if you spend a total of $500 during the first three months of getting this card. The best thing about this card is that it offers rewards in the form of cash, which you can redeem anytime and anywhere you like. All purchases gain an indefinite 1% rebate except for special offers, which give cardholders higher percentage discounts.

Capital One Cash Credit Card

This Capital One card has no annual and foreign transaction fees and it gives 1.5% cash rebates for all purchases. There is a 1% refund every year, along with 50% points added as dividends each year. The Capital One Cash credit card offers a signing bonus of $100 cash for new clients. You do not have to enroll in the quarterly bonus program to enjoy your earnings.

American Express Blue Cash Credit Card
This credit card from American Express will give you useful rewards that can be earned from standard daily purchases. In short, it is the card made for consumers who put premium on ordinary spending habits. You can earn 6% at the local grocery store, 3% in fuel stations, and 1% from department stores and another 1% from other purchases. Your rewards can be in the form of cash that can be redeemed for every $25 without any limits. The signing bonus is set at $150. This card offers 0% annual percentage rate for the first year and $75 annual fee. This can be disregarded if you spend $25 on grocery purchase every week.

Before considering any of the rewards credit cards listed above, you may need to look at your available finances first and see which of these cards will fit with your financial capacity. You should also see to it that the total costs of maintaining the card will not overshadow the rewards that you will be getting from it. Moreover, review carefully the terms and conditions that come with the card before signing and submitting your application form.

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