CitiBusiness Thank You Card: Why You Would Want It

If you are a business owner and you are searching for the right card that provides fantastic rewards, the CitiBusiness Thank You Card is perfect for you. Using the card for your business lets you take advantage of huge bonuses upon redemption—starting out with Thank You Points that are worth thousands. The card is issued by Citibank and is ideal for every entrepreneur with strong focus on the needs of his business.

The CitiBusiness Thank You Card caters to your venture, regardless of what it may be, its needs, and how rare those needs may be. This card is different from other rewards cards simply because it works to give you more benefits and incentives as you continuously use it. This card is best known for its flexibility as it provides a great number of redemption options.

Below are some of the many perks you can enjoy from the CitiBusiness Thank You card.

Enticing Introductory APR
The CitiBusiness Thank You card is one of several credit cards that offer an enticing introductory APR. As you get hold of this card, you can start enjoying and purchasing your needs without worrying much about high interests. The appealing introductory offer is applicable for the first six months of ownership of the CitiBusiness Thank You card from Citibank. After the introductory period, APR may then change and you may be asked to pay its regular rate.

Instant Rewards
The more you use your CitiBusiness Thank You card, the more benefits you are eligible to receive. For instance, if you spend $3,000 worth of merchandise for your business during the first months of being a cardholder, you may get to earn thousands of bonus points, which can be converted to gift cards so you can easily redeem them. The points are worth more than a hundred bucks and are among the most generous rewards offered from the bank. Aside from earning generous points, your loyalty as a card owner will also be recognized by the bank. You will be given a bonus point each year during your membership anniversary up to a total of 3%.

Points for Your Business
Whenever you spend a dollar on certain purchases, you get to earn CitiBusiness Thank You Points. The items that you need to buy in order to qualify for this promotion rotate during the course of the year. For example, from January to March, you can purchase services from office supply merchants and advertising services. From April to June, buying computer equipment and availing of services from telecommunications traders will qualify you to earn another Thank You points.

Additionally, you can also earn a point for all your other purchases. One dollar is worth one CitiBusiness Thank You Point, so if you are a large spender, you will generally make the most out of this card. There are no limits when it comes to earning points for your CitiBusiness Thank You card. More importantly, the points do not expire once you receive them.

The points you have accumulated can be redeemed easily with unique selections to choose from. Exciting rewards, such as office supplies, gift cards, cash, and travel tickets are for you to claim. You can also use the perks from your Citi Business Thank You Card to motivate your employees and reward your treasured clients.

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