Comparison of Popular Capital One Credit Cards

The large number of credit cards available in the market may be confusing to consumers. The key is to opt for credit cards that can give you value for your money. Capital One credit cards have earned the nod of millions of cardholders because of competitive interest rates and rewards. These have been enhanced by continuous customer service and $0 fraud liability. Capital One’s best cards provide perks, such as travel and car rental insurance, purchase assurance, price protection, and extended warranty.

Capital One Venture Rewards Card
The Capital One Venture Rewards Card is among the few credit cards that allows you to earn 2% rebate on certain purchases and that comes along with travel perks. Like the other Capital One cards, there are no foreign transaction charges, which can reach up to three percent annually. You also get concierge services and travel accident policies.

There is a long list of benefits that you can get from a Capital One Venture Rewards Card and these include the following:

  • It is the only Visa card that allows you to earn 2% in rewards or more on all purchases.
  • There is no requirement for minimum spending and caps on rewards.
  • Venture’s No Hassle Miles are relatively easy to redeem. This is fixed at one cent for each mile and registers in your account after making a purchase. You can redeem points as credit for your travel expenses. The card does not expire as long as your account remains active.
  • It is possible for you to redeem miles for additional expenses compared to other travel cards.
  • You can easily be eligible for this card based on the approval made for internal card data.

Capital One Secured MasterCard
The Capital One MasterCard can be an excellent option if your goal is to enhance your credit ratings. There are no hidden charges and there is a low yearly fee of $29. However, the annual percentage rate or APR is pegged at 22.90%. It is considered one of the most secured credit cards. As a secured card, it entails a refundable security deposit once you file your application. The initial credit line is $200 but this can go up to $3,000 if you make additional deposits. Capital One Company allows you to pay the deposit in installments provided you have paid the complete amount after being given approval. There is no introductory period and the APR applies upon approval.

Capital One Orbitz Visa Platinum
With this Visa Platinum card, you earn rewards quickly. You acquire triple points aside from the additional bonus points by booking vacations and trips on Orbitz.
The benefits of this card include:

  • Zero percent interest on purchases made during the first year
  • Earn three times on rewards for flights and hotel bookings
  • Redemption of points for cash, travel and gift cards
  • Savings on purchases and no yearly fees

Rewards from the Orbitz Visa Platinum include three points per dollar on qualified Orbitz bookings, one point per dollar on other purchases, non-expiration of points, and no limitation on points.

Go for Capital One
Capital One continues to provide competitive interest rates, exclusive rewards and excellent standards of customer service to clients. It offers a personal approach for cardholders. It is difficult to choose the best credit card for you. A lot of people will agree that the value of rewards in comparison to the amount you spend is the measurement of the best card.

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