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The Disney Visa Card(s) from Chase® Are Currently Unavailable Review. Quite a versatile card is the Disney Premier Visa Card with a Statement credit offer, earn a % in rewards dollars on select purchases, which are good for Disney products, as well as theme park tickets, hotels and even airfare! There is also a 0% introductory offer on this card which makes it even more attractive.

This card is recommended for people who have an excellent credit history, the interest rate is about standard for credit cards with rewards (see table below). As an added feature you can choose from several different designs for your card art.

Apply for the Indigo Mastercard Here - Excellent Credit Not Required

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  1. Michael

    Hi Im Michael weys and i just applied online to get the $200 gift card but on my application it had no information on my invitation # So I just want to make sure i still get that deal. Anyway let me know please. Also if you need my ivitation # is 314619562965

  2. admin

    Yes you will still get the offer, as long as you complete the terms of the qualifying purchase. However the offer I see is for $100 gift card

  3. admin

    Currently the offer is $100, from time to time they may bump the offer up to $200, which more than likely could be a limited time promotion

  4. The Hall Family

    Disney and Chase sent me an invitation to recive
    a Disney Visa Card.
    I input the correct info and you say you can’t
    identify??/The # is 321513874206
    the zip is 30511 and the town,Baldwin,Georgia

  5. admin

    There should be a phone number on the invitation they mailed to you, give them a call and they should be able to help get you set up. If not, you can call the toll free number at 1-800-432-3117

  6. Constance and Thomas Grau

    WE are incensed to keep receiving your offer for a Disney Visa credit card. We are also angry that there is no phone number to call in order to REQUEST THAT YOU REMOVE US FROM YOUR MAILING LISTS FROM FURTHER COME-ONS.
    We called the 1-888-560-3027 number, and there was NO CHOICE for a ‘remove us from your list’ for this Disney card.



  7. admin

    I did some research for you to try and help you with your frustration. I found this post online, and hopefully this will help. Make sure that you press “0” and speak to a customer service rep, as there is no prompts to be removed from the list. Also, most of these companies buy your information from the credit bureaus and other databases. There is a way to Opt-Out which you can learn more here. – this is the FTC website who governs all these mailings you receive. You can opt out temporarily or permanently.

    “I just moved a couple of months ago and Chase got my new address and started sending me crap every other week. I just called the number Jodi posted above 1-800-945-2000 and talked to a nice gentleman who processed my request to get removed from future mailings. He did say it will probably take 90 days to stop getting the mailings though. We’ll see what happens!! Till then I think I’ll use their prepaid envelopes and send them my expired coupons:) “

    I hope this helps.

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