Great Mileage from Sky Miles Credit Cards

If you are a frequent traveler, you might want to take advantage of the benefits offered by the sky miles credit cards. These cards provide perks that cannot be found in other credit cards. A good choice of airline miles credit cards can give you lots of incentives, such as free plane tickets and miles that you can use for vehicle rentals, hotel accommodations, preferential check-in, free baggage checking, and upgrades of plane seats.

Check out three of the available options for these types of cards:

Gold Delta Sky Miles Card
The Gold Delta Sky Miles card from American Express offers exciting perks to cardholders. It gives extremely huge bonus miles if you make a good purchase amount within the first three months of having this card. These bonus miles could be exchanged for a free Delta flight, along with free check-in for your first bag. The best thing about this is that the free bag check-in is available not only for you but for up to nine other members of your travel group as well.

The Gold Delta Sky Miles Card allows you to earn two miles for each dollar spent on purchases with Delta Air. Other purchases will also let you earn more points. In addition, you are entitled to obtain huge savings on allowable in-flight purchases of food, beverages, television, movies, and audio headsets. This is one incentive that you cannot obtain from other airlines.

The Gold Delta Sky Miles card has an annual fee, but you will not be charged for it until the second year. With its various features and offerings, this is certainly one of the best sky miles cards in the market.

United Mileage plus Explorer Card
The United Mileage plus Explorer card provides extremely huge bonus miles for the initial year of ownership. This is followed by another equally enticing bonus miles when you make your first purchase. You are also entitled to more bonus miles when you add an approved cardholder to your account in two months and when you spend a hefty amount every year. Like the Gold Delta Sky Miles card, the United Mileage plus Explorer card waives its annual fee on the first year. It also offers free baggage check-in for your first bag. The United Mileage Explorer is another Sky Miles card loaded with benefits.

Miles by Discover Card
Miles by Discover affords cardholders exciting travel rewards as well as enticing bonus miles each month, particularly when a purchase is made for the first year. Like other Discover cards, it offers a great introductory rate on all purchases and balance transfers for six months. There are no limitations on travel in any airline, hotel bookings, and car rentals and it has no blackout dates. You may also be able to enjoy added travel perks, such as secondary collision damage insurance, if you rent a car using your Discover card.

If you feel ready to pick out the appropriate Sky Miles credit card, get in touch with the agent of your preferred provider so you can start planning for your yearly family vacations. Just make sure that you will remain a responsible card holder and that you will be able settle your obligations promptly.

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