Is It Worth It to Get a Sky Miles Credit Card?

If you travel frequently to other states or countries, chances are you have already been offered a Skymiles credit card from Delta Air Lines. These cards come in three different, equally appealing types: Gold, Platinum, and Delta Reserve. Of these three types, the Gold is the most popular, as it possesses the lowest annual fee. The Platinum comes in second, with a higher annual fee, while the Delta Reserve takes the least most popular place and has the biggest annual fee charges.

What You Will Like about About the Gold Sky Miles Card

One of the top features of the Gold Skymiles card is that it does not charge you an annual fee at the first year of use. Hence, you may be able to gain savings of at least $95 each year, which you can consume on other things or save up for next year’s charge. Another great aspect from the card is that you can earn bonus miles that is worth 30,000 once you have spent $500 on the first three months of using the credit card.

The 30,000 Skymiles is already equal to $300 when you utilize it with Pay with Miles. The amount can be used to pay your flight tickets and you can choose to do so in full or partially. It is almost similar to earning $300 worth of miles, and you can do it simply because you have the card. Another reason why the Skymiles credit card is worth having is because you can earn two miles for each $1 you devote on Delta purchases. Included here are the Delta flights and the vacations packages.

Apart from that, you also get to earn a mile for practically anything you buy using the card. For instance, if you often use your credit card to pay your phone bills, you will earn miles, which you can use to redeem flights later. It is also convenient if you make a reservation for a Delta flight using your card. This is because the first bag that you register will be taken in for free. The offer is applicable up to nine people in the reservation list. This allows you to save as much as $50 for a round-trip. This is extremely helpful if you will be traveling with your family.

The gold card does not offer the Medallion Qualification Miles or MQMs, however. If you wish to earn this, you can get the platinum or the Delta Reserve card. They both provide bonus miles every year as you spend a specific amount using the card.

If you fly on Delta recurrently and you want to take the opportunity to earn miles as you travel and make a purchase, it is definitely worth it to get a Skymiles credit card.

Take a look at two Sky Miles credit cards below:

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