The Remarkable Benefits of Skymiles Credit Cards

At the current time, a credit card is considered a valuable piece of the financial strength puzzle, especially in the United States. It is, therefore, essential that you choose only the card that best fits your needs and lifestyle. If you are a frequent traveler, the best option for you would be to get cards that give you airline miles rewards, such as the Skymiles credit cards from American Express (AMEX). The Delta Skymiles credit cards come in three types: Reserve, Platinum, and Gold. All of these are guaranteed to be good and they all come with multiple benefits for card owners like you.

Travel Perks

All basic card members of the Delta Skymiles credit cards are given the opportunity to enjoy early or priority boarding. This is a valuable advantage, especially for those who need plenty of time to get comfortable before the plane takes off. Another travel bonus is that the bag that gets checked first is free from fees. This is applicable on all Delta flights and Delta Connection travels. This offers you the chance to save as much as $50. Additionally, both early boarding and free first bag checks are valid up to nine persons including the card holder. If you will be traveling with your family of four members, you can save as much as $200 in bag checking alone.

To make sure that you will obtain the benefits, it is imperative that you provide your Skymiles number when you make your reservation or book your flight with Delta or Delta Connection. An alternative is to add the number as you check in for the flight using the available options from Delta. You can also look up your trip and add your “frequent flyer number” as you make your reservation.

More Pros

If you possess any of the Delta Skymiles credit cards, you will automatically be able to save 20% on entertainment and food and beverages as well. It is, therefore, advised that you purchase movies, video games, and food on flights operated by Delta using your SkyMiles card. You will see the details about the transaction in your credit statement in about six to eight weeks after your purchase.

Also note that you can receive miles for every dollar that you spend on anything using your card. You can also get double miles whenever you buy from Delta. These include flights, in-flight snacks, Delta Sky Club membership, and movies among others. You can use your points to pay for your purchases either partially or fully.

Medallion Qualifying Miles

One of the main reasons why many people want to own a Skymiles credit card is the Medallion Qualifying Miles. This is clearly important because the Delta Skymiles credit cards provide cardholders with additional MQMs. The amount will depend on how much they spend using the card. The Gold card, however, does not offer bonus MQMs, but this is perfect for you if you are a frequent flier. Meanwhile, the Platinum version is ideal for those that spend $50,000 annually. On the other hand, Reserve is for those that can spend $60,000 a year.

As you earn more miles, you can take advantage of the many benefits and perks that the Skymiles credit cards offer to cover your spending requirements and even your card’s annual charges.

Take a look at the diffent Delta Skymiles credit cards below:

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