American Express Platinum Credit Card

The American Express Platinum credit card is a prestigious card that offers several perks. It is best suited for people who spend big on purchases. Expect that you will receive great rewards, benefits, VIP access, and even huge savings when you have this card in your wallet. If you meet the eligibility requirements and you think you can handle the high annual fee, this is an exceptional card to own.

What You Will Like About the Platinum Card

This premium rewards credit card has one of the longest lists of perks for cardholders. Whether you are a traveler, a frequent shopper, or an entertainment buff, this card is a great companion. Here are some of the things you wouldn’t want to miss:
1. Unlimited lounge access on first class airports. Traveling is stressful. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a relaxing time on plush sofas and chairs? Plus, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the complimentary use of fax machines, Internet, and phones offered in first class airports? Apart from these, there are also the ritzy restrooms, free drinks and food. This airport lounge access is granted for all AMEX Platinum cardholders across the globe. That’s huge savings, considering that unrestricted access to these lounges will typically cost you hundreds of dollars.
2. Accelerated entry back to the US. Travelers who are pre-approved by the US government’s program called Global Entry can return to the country quickly. There is no need for paperwork. All you need to do is go to a self-service kiosk where you can enter your passport details and fingerprint.
3. Hotel benefits. There are over 700 hotels that work with AMEX to provide the customers the best hotel experience they have ever had. Only Platinum and Centurion members have the opportunity to enjoy free accommodation upgrade if available, late checkout, free food and spa credits, and free nights.
4. No fees for foreign transactions. Many credit cards apply foreign charges whenever they are used outside the US. You don’t have to worry about this with your AMEX Platinum card. This makes it an ideal card for travelers.
5. Personal concierge. Whatever request you may have (travel, dinner, event, or hotel reservation), free concierge service is available at any time. Directly call your concierge and they will handle your demands. Sold out tickets and last minute restaurant reservations are not a problem.
6. Car rental and collision insurance. Rent a car, including premium vehicles, and go straight to it. There’s no need to sign documents. You can even upgrade the vehicle for free to get huge savings. To avail of this offer, you need to sign up for the National Car Rental’s Emerald Club, Avis Preferred, and Hertz #1 Club Gold. In the event of car collision, your expenses will be covered by your credit card.

Aside from the travel, hotel, and driving benefits, there are other perks that you will certainly love from this card. These include consumer protection whenever you buy at stores and online, automatic warranty extension, and shopping rewards. The American Express Platinum credit card may have one of the largest annual fees to date, but the yearly charge is easily overshadowed by all the privileges and goods entitled to members.

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