Best Credit Cards 2012

Which credit cards are the best in terms of rewards, cash back, balance transfers and air miles? Which are the best for businesses, students and even for those individuals with poor or low credit score? One must examine and analyze each option based on the conditions stated above in order to come up with a listing of the best credit cards for consumers.

Best Cash Back Cards

Cash back is a monetary amount given by credit card issuers to consumers to give them back a certain proportion of what they spend. It is like getting discounts on every purchase. American Express’ Blue Cash Everyday is one of the best cash back credit card for individuals with an excellent credit score. It offers excellent cash back on purchases in supermarkets, equally good cash back on gas and department store purchases, and another cash back on all other purchases. To add more, American Express’ Blue Cash Everyday has no rotating categories, no minimum spending required and no enrollment required.

In addition to American Express’ Blue Cash Everyday, Blue Chase Freedom Visa is another great choice. It is currently the top cash back credit card in the United States and its issuer is no other than JP Morgan Chase. It offers high cash back on quarterly rotating categories, such as groceries, gas, travel, home improvement and more. What’s more, it offers an even bigger cash back for online purchases made through Chase’s merchants.

Best 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards

There are several credit cards that offer 0% balance transfer for a particular period of time. The Citi Simplicity® Card MasterCard and Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card offer 0% introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for 18 months. The Annual Percentage Rate after the preliminary period will be 12.99% – 21.99% and 11.99% – 21.99% respectively. Discover More Card, on the other hand, offers 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for 18 months, but for a limited time. Discover More Card gives consumers a year and a half to clear their debts at zero interest. Another great balance transfer credit card is the Discover Card, which offers 0% introductory APR for a 15-month duration.
Note that the figures listed here are for the current year only. They may change at the passing of time.

Most Affordable Credit Cards

First Command Bank Platinum Visa, Visa Classic Card and First Federal Bank Credit Card are just a few credit cards that present a low interest rate. First Command Bank Platinum Visa offers an interest rate of 6.25%. Visa Classic Card and First Federal Bank offer 7.25% and 7.15% correspondingly. These figures are for this year, 2012, and may change anytime at the discretion of the card issuers.

Best Cards for Travelers

For an individual who loves to travel a lot, Gold Delta Sky Miles Credit Card is an excellent choice. This card offers an extremely enticing bonus reward upon sign up and waives its annual fee for the first year. It also offers great deals on hotel accommodations and airfare.

Capital One’s Venture Rewards Card is another great choice. It has a lower annual fee, which is also waived for the first year, compared to that of the Gold Delta Sky Miles credit card. This card also gives a hefty bonus in the form of miles, which is given to the cardholder after a minimum of $1000 worth of purchases for the first 3 months.

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