Chase Freedom Cash Back Cards

If you want cash back rewards, one of the credit cards that you can opt for is Chase Freedom. Chase Freedom easily beats the other credit cards’ cash back offers. Instead of presenting the same standard rate, this card gives greater rewards for every dollar spent on all purchases. If you are a frequent shopper or you purchase varying merchandise each month, you can take advantage of the Chase’s rewards program. Here, you can earn cash back on purchases that come from quarterly revolving categories.

Bonuses and Other Fascinating Rewards

Chase Freedom offers a ton of attractive benefits the moment you get hold of your credit card.

  • Sign up bonus – Once you get approved, you are eligible to receive a sign up bonus that will be credited into your account. Spend the predefined amount during the first three months of getting your card and you can easily get huge rewards. Plus, this card comes with an introductory APR of 0% on both balance transfers and purchases. This will last for over one year after you start using your credit card.
  • Spend more, earn more – Every few months, there are rotating categories that you can sign up for. Examples include office supplies, home appliances, gas, and groceries. If you purchase an item that is under the specified category for that period, you qualify for huge cash back rewards. Other purchases will also be rewarded so keep spending to earn more points. Remember that you have to register in order for you to qualify for the bonuses.
  • Reasonable Fees – Fees are very minimal compared to other credit cards that exist today. Aside from that, you do not have to pay an annual fee for the card even though it comes with many rewards. This card however charges a transaction fee when you use it in other countries except the United States.
  • Low Interest Rates – After the introductory period, the standard APR will now be applied. If you have high credit rating, you will be able to take advantage of really low interest rates. For those with fair credit rating, the interest rates will be higher but are still at a moderate degree.

Chase Blueprint Program

If you qualify for the Chase Freedom credit card, you can become a member of the special Chase Blueprint program.  This program is very valuable to consumers who are hoping to reduce their monthly interest payments. This is also great for those who have credit card debt. You need to sign up in order for you to join this program. Don’t worry because becoming a member is completely free.

Managing your account is easier once you become a part of the Chase Blueprint. For instance, if you wish to pay for gas or groceries in full, you can state it in the program. If you have other bigger purchases that need to be settled over time, you are allowed to divide the payments into different transactions. Chase Blueprint will update you on your progress and help you keep track of your payments until you finish paying them off. With the Chase Freedom Credit Card, you can manage your debt and earn cash back rewards at the same time.

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