Credit Cards with Best Introductory Offers

Many consumers consider the promotions provided by the credit card before they sign up for it. Who can blame them? The offers are quite attractive, which is why more and more people get their own cards. Introductory offers, despite being available for a limited period only, have lured several consumers for the past few years. They are not only popular, but quite useful as well.

No Annual Fees

There are cards that don’t have an annual fee and will not charge you any amount no matter how long you have been using the card. However, there are some that don’t have an annual fee but you will have to pay for it the next year. There are also some that provide you a discount, such as only requiring you to pay half of it for the first year. The main reason why people still go for cards that have an annual fee is because these offer more rewards compared to their counterparts. The annual fee is often used by the company to pay for the rewards and perks that they offer.

Introductory APRs

For at least three months up to more than a year, you will get low interest rates on your card. You can even find credit cards that give you 0% APR for several months. This is a great offer, which usually comes in a package. For instance, you can get low intro APR on balance transfers and low interest rate on your purchases at the same time. This gives you more savings for your expenses and other transactions.

Bonus Points and Rewards

You will often be required to meet a specific amount or to perform an action to qualify for this offer. An example is getting 15,000 worth of miles when you spend at least $1,500 during the first three months of obtaining the card. If you are a large spender, this type of card is best for you.

Credit Cards with Best Introductory Offers

Here are some of the credit cards today that have the best promotions for a given period of time:

  • Citibank Platinum Visa – This offers discounted annual fee, no APR on balance transfers and purchases for six months, and low cash advance rate.
  • Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card – Take advantage of bonus miles, free air tickets, 0% APR on purchases, and no transaction fees when used abroad. This is the perfect credit card for travelers.
  • Capital One Platinum Prestige Card – Both purchases and balance transfers have no APRs until a specified period. This card does not have an annual fee and presents $0 liability in case of fraud.
  • Citibank Clear Platinum Card – If you have existing credit card debt, this is card to use for balance transfers. It comes with 0% interest when you transfer your balances. It also offers a discounted annual fee for the first year and a low interest rate for six months.

The introductory offers offered by credit cards are often start from the moment you get the card. Make sure that you are aware of the duration of the promotions so you could take full advantage of them.

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