Low Interest Credit Cards with No Annual Fee

Credit card debt has become an alarming situation of the present times, given the fact that a large number of credit card holders are suffering because of this situation. Contrary to popular belief, though, debt is easy to evade. All you have to do is pay your bills on time and make sure that the credit card you signed up for is tailored to your needs and budget. There are certain cards that can be of help to you in evading the problems of debt traps and these include low interest credit cards with no annual fee. Some of these card types are listed below.

Citi Simplicity® Card

This card is extremely simple – hence, the name. It comes with 0% APR on both purchases and balance transfers for several months. The variable APR offer is quite attractive even if you have poor credit. If you need assistance, you can easily connect to a customer service representative. Furthermore, you do not have to pay the annual fee and there are no penalty and late fees.

Discover® More® Card

Aside from offering no interest rates which you can enjoy for over a year, you can also get cash back rewards with this credit card. This is actually an excellent offer considering most of the rewards credit cards today require you to pay the yearly charge. There is also $0 fraud liability alongside the absence of rewards redemption fees and additional card charges.

Slate® from Chase

If you are planning to transfer your balances, this is a great credit card choice. Aside from low interest rates and $0 annual fee, you also get assistance in avoiding high interest rates. There are free features that are available to card holders so they can pay off their balances faster.

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card

This is a true treasure to anyone looking for great deals on a credit card. Apart from not having balance transfer and purchase interest fees for over 12 months, there is also no annual fee as well. Earn rebates and statement credits as you use the Citi® Diamond Preferred® card more.

Cardholders are also entitled to enjoy exclusive membership services, including VIP packages, ability to purchase presale tickets, and choosing your seats for a memorable live amusement experience.

Simmons First Visa® Platinum Rewards

If you have excellent credit and loves to travel, this Simmons First Visa® Platinum Rewards no annual fee credit card is for you. With this, you can enjoy exciting perks as you can redeem your travel points for hotel stays, cruises, and other vacation packages. The purchase APR remains lower than most cards.

Iberiabank Visa® Classic Card

This is another credit card that you should consider if you have excellent credit. The standard APR is very low and there’s no annual fee. The standard balance transfer rate is also affordable. Iberiabank Visa® Classic Card is a great card for those looking to settle to one account for a long time.

BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Credit Card

Just like the other credit cards in this list, the BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ has no annual fee and has low interest. This is a good card to use on purchases, such as groceries and gas. Once you charge against the card, expect that you will be rewarded automatically.

These are only some of the low interest credit cards with no annual fee. If you have the patience to look around, you may find some more of these types of cards. Note, however, that each may have different features and there may be certain cards that may work better for you than others. As such, it would be wise to be picky before making a plunge.

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