Rewards Credit Cards: American Express Rewards Cards

The American Express rewards cards are perfect for those who frequently use their credit cards to shop, dine, and travel. These cards provide a number of perks and privileges, particularly when you spend more using your card. The more you spend, the more rewards you get. Every dollar you spend can give you cash backs, points, or miles, which you can save and redeem for bigger rewards.

The Benefits of Choosing a Rewards Card from AMEX

There are many credit card companies that offer rewards cards to their clients. However, there are several reasons why American Express has a great number of satisfied consumers compared to their counterparts. One reason is the fact that they take into account the needs and wants of their clients. Choosing American Express and becoming a Cardmember allows you to enjoy plenty of exclusive benefits.

If you shop and dine at partner merchants, you can get as much as 50% savings on your expenses. To take advantage of this reward, make sure that you check the list of the American Express Selects. If you have trouble with your card, whether it becomes stolen or you simply have queries, you can contact them anytime. Customer service is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The AMEX team will do everything they can to resolve whatever your credit card issues may be.

AMEX rewards credit cardholders have an advantage over debit cardholders. They are given protection when performing online transactions. With the American Express rewards cards, you are provided with purchase protection for up to a few months. For instance, if you have purchased something online or even offline and you get a damaged item, the amount charged to your account will be reimbursed. Do note that the coverage for purchase protection is determined by the conditions, exclusions, and terms provided by AMEX.

More Rewards

Rewards cards from American Express are exactly what you are looking for if you wish to earn more bonuses. From the moment you first use your card, you will already receive a huge bonus. However, to be eligible for the bonus, you may be required to spend at least a certain amount during the first three months of becoming a Cardmember. If you apply online, you can even get two tickets for a Cathay movie for free.

Big spenders will love having this card. If you spend a few thousands every year, you will be eligible to receive 50% extra points per dollar. In addition to that, if you like shopping at SPC and Cold Storage, you can have 5x more points for every dollar you spend. There are also sweet deals for travelers and movie-goers.

Currently, AMEX has two of the best rewards cards in the market. These are the Blue Rewards cards and the Clear rewards card from AMEX. These two American Express rewards cards have their own benefits and features, but you will certainly love the unique benefits they offer.

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