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In 1999, it was reported that over $190 billion worth of credit were issued by MBNA or the Bank of America. As the number of customers ballooned over the years, the list of the top credit card companies remained almost the same. The Bank of America stayed put at the top spot. Experts believe that it may remain at its place for the next few years as it continues to serve the Unites States. MBNA also offers services to Canada, Spain, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.
Based on the amount of credit issued, here are the top credit card companies today:

Bank of America

As mentioned, Bank of America easily grabs the top spot when it comes to the amount of credit issued. It has also been ranked at first place for seven consecutive years now in online banking by the Keynote Banker Scorecard. Headquartered in North Carolina, the bank serves over 150 countries, including the United States. It also maintains a strong business relationship with almost all Fortune 500 companies in the US.

JPMorgan Chase

Chase issued approximately 184 billion dollars of credit, which secures it in place at #2. This company serves the United States and other countries, including Germany, France, Ireland, and Mexico. Although Chase takes the second spot for the amount of credit issued, this company actually is the number one credit card issuer for general purposes in the US.


Citi is ranked at the third spot based on the amount of credit issued. However, this is at the second spot next to Chase as a general purpose card issuer. At the current time, Citi serves 34 countries, with almost $149 billion worth of credit issued.

American Express

American Express (AMEX) serves almost 50 countries around the world. It has issued around $105 billion, making it land at the fourth spot. AMEX however ranked the top slot for customer satisfaction in 2009 according to the JD Power and Associates.

Capital One

Capital One gets the fifth spot in the top credit card companies list. It has issued almost $70 billion worth of credit in just three countries. Capital One is also one of the top 10 biggest banks in the United States based on the amount of deposits made. They offer a broad range of financial services and products to their customers.

Top Companies Based on Customer Satisfaction

While it may be difficult for other companies to overpower the Bank of America based on credit, it is only at #9 for customer satisfaction. As mentioned, AMEX has grabbed this spot in 2009 and in 2011 as well. The second place goes to Discover in 2011 and third goes to Barclaycard. Chase, Well Fargo, US Bank, and Capital take the fourth to seventh spots, respectively.

The customer satisfaction survey is yearly performed by the JD Power and Associates. They utilize a score gauge of 1,000 points to measure the rate of customer satisfaction. According to their survey in 2011, AMEX received almost 790 points while HSBC, the 10th place credit card company, received a total of 689 points. The credit card standard average for customer satisfaction is at 731 points.

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