Visa Credit Card No Annual Fee Cash Back

Visa-branded credit cards come with great rewards, including cash rebates. A cash back program consists of a system where you get a percentage of the amount you spent. The more you use your credit card, the higher the incentives you gain. In order to qualify for a cash back Visa credit card, you should have at least a good credit rating. In most instances, however, an excellent credit score is required.

To take advantage of the rewards, there are cards that do not need an annual fee. You get more benefits without worrying about high fees on your account each year. Here are some of the Visa-branded products that offer cash back rewards without an annual fee:

Capital One Cash Rewards

Capital One Cash Rewards credit card offers unique features for the consumers. Aside from not having an annual fee, there is no interest rate on both purchases and balance transfers until a specific period. You are allowed to customize the card to make it bear an image that you personally chose. If you spend enough credit on your account until a preset schedule, you can earn big cash bonuses. Plus, the points that you have accumulated will increase automatically every year by half of its total.

Chase Freedom Visa

If you have good to excellent credit, this card is for you. You will never run out of incentives each time you purchase against your card. Spend your Chase Freedom Visa credit on gas stations, restaurants, and groceries to earn huge points. All other purchases you make will give you cash back bonuses. There are no restrictions on the total bonus points that you earn, so keep gathering them while you can. This Visa credit card is perfect for those who usually charge their entertainment expenses on their account. This card does not have an annual fee for life.

Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card

Once you open your Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa card account, it is encouraged that you spend your credit to earn cash back immediately. For up to a year, you can transfer your existing balance from another card without interest fees. You can also earn cash back whenever you purchase an air ticket or rent a car. If you shop at their partner merchants, all your expenses will be rewarded. Keep accumulating points that are convertible to cash using this Visa credit card.

Citi Simplicity® Card Card

Here is the credit card that comes with plenty of cash back bonuses each time you make a purchase. Aside from not having an annual fee, you do not have to pay any amount if you are not able to pay your monthly payments on time. There are also no penalty fees. If you lose your card and an unauthorized person uses it, your account will not be charged. You can easily contact their service representative in case you have a problem with your Citi Simplicity® credit card.

Many believe that a credit card that has no annual fee is inferior to one that has a yearly charge. If you scrutinize what the Visa cards mentioned above offer, however, you will realize that they not only help you save cash but rival the offerings of other well-known cards with annual fees as well.

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