Wired Plastic Visa Prepaid Card

Wired Plastic Visa® Prepaid CardThe Wired Plastic Visa Prepaid Card issued by the Bancorp Bank functions like a debit card. The main difference noted is that it does not have overdraft fees. It actually is a combination of debit and credit card. You have a PIN to instantly withdraw cash just like a debit card or you can sign for the transaction much like a credit purchase. This prepaid card also allows you to get your cash from an ATM machine.

This Visa Prepaid Card is for everyone. No matter what your credit rating is, you can apply for the card and be given chances for approval. This is because there is no credit background check. You are also not required to submit your income proof. Whether you have a bank account or not, you are permitted to use the card.

Top Benefits of the Wired Plastic Card

If you are searching for a card that works as a debit and credit card separately, this card is right for you. There are more reasons why you should apply for the card. Here are some of them:

  • Many merchants are now accepting Visa debit cards around the world. You can perform transactions with the Wired Plastic Card as long as the store accepts Visa debit cards.
  •  Never miss any bill or payment you have to make. This card will give you text and email alerts without a charge.
  • This prepaid card also comes with a great rewards program. The more you use it for your purchases, the more points you gain. These points can be used to pay for your phone bills online or any other online transaction that you would like to achieve.
  •  If you need an account where your government checks, paycheck, or other dividends will be sent, you can use this card. Wired Plastic lets you deposit directly into it for free. The funds that are deposited into the prepaid card will appear the same business day.
  • Whatever problem you are having with your card, you can easily access a customer service representative. Every question you have will be answered by a real person on the other end.
  • If you often shop online, this card is usable for this kind of transaction.

Is This Card for You?

If you have had issues with your credit card bills, this card can help you. This is considered a money management tool as it requires you to load cash to it before you can use it. Loading can be done in two different ways. First is to make a direct deposit to the account. Second, you have the option to transfer money from your bank account. The amount that you have purchased will instantly be deducted from your balance. Hence, you cannot spend the money that you do not have. This will assist you in becoming a more responsible spender.

The Wired Plastic Visa Prepaid Card is a convenient innovation. It has rewards, services, and features that consumers can take advantage of. With this card, you are also protected from debit card risks including overdraft charges, bounced checks, and NSFs.

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