American Express Gold Card

If prestige and generous rewards are what you seek, the American Express Gold Card is especially created for you. It is not your typical credit card – as a matter of fact it is not a credit card. The Gold Card from AMEX is a charge card which features the highly sought-after Membership Rewards Program. Continue using your card and chase after the rewards to convert them to shopping, travel, entertainment, and dining exclusives.

Before you sign up for the card and hurriedly submit your application, there are a few things that you have to be aware of first.

This is a charge card.

The American Express® Gold Card is a charge card which means that every single card holder is required to pay their balances in full each month. If you do not adhere to this simple rule, you will be subject to an extremely huge late fee or finance charge. Doing so repeatedly can cause you to lose your card. On the other hand, if you follow religiously, you can take advantage of the no-interest scheme. Since you will be paying in full monthly, the interest fee is completely nonexistent.

If you have questions, ask.

One great thing about American Express® is that they devote time and effort to make sure that their consumers are happy. If you have a problem with your account, all you have to do is reach their customer hotline. There is a reason why AMEX is rated number one in customer service for several years now and it is because they strive to be the best in the industry.

The benefits outweigh the high fees.

This is a gold card so you probably know that it will come with tremendously heavy charges. However, there are benefits that you simply cannot ignore. While the rewards structure is almost similar to many of the regular cards’ programs, the American Express® Gold Card has unique perks that will instantly impress you. Becoming a part of the elite community entitles you to a ton of advantages, including:

• Round the clock roadside assistance
• Wide-ranging insurance on rental cars
• Lost or damaged baggage insurance for all your checked bags
• VIP treatment anywhere you go
• Ability to choose your preferred seating while in concerts, sporting events, and others.
• Purchase tickets that are not even on sale yet
• Access to Global Assist Hotline where all the solutions to your home away from home worries are just one call away
• Intense purchase protection
• Return protection when the merchant does not want to accept a returned item
• Extended warranty

This is a lavish card for travelers.

Pay for your flight tickets using the American Express® Gold Card and you will be rewarded immensely. The process is simple but booking is strictly done online. Not only do you get a discounted price for the airfare but you also get a dining credit which is more than $50 at partner resorts or hotels. Through the Gold Card Destinations program, you can access exclusive deals and even travel packages. If you are not happy with your hotel room or your plane seat, you only need to use your card to gain a room or seat upgrade.

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