Balance Transfer Credit Cards with Excellent Rewards Programs

Balance transfer credit cards are great since you can transfer your higher interest card balance to them with a reduced rate. However, they are even better if they come with outstanding rewards programs. There is a huge selection on the rewards structure available and these could include cash back, travel insurance, and frequent flyer miles.

Here are some of the best options that you can choose from today:

Discover® More Card

If you need around 18 months to repay your debt, this is an ideal card to get. You do not have to worry about the APR on balance transfers for nearly two years. If you pay late on your dues, this card does not require you to pay any finance charge. There are no over limit fees and you don’t have to pay the annual fee as well. Purchases are also interest-free for half a year. To take advantage of this card in full, you should be able to repay your card balance prior to using it to fund for your purchases. Discover® More card has a great rewards program that lets you earn cash back on all your purchases.

Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card

For one whole year, you can enjoy purchasing and transferring balances without the need to pay the interest. This introductory offer is made even more attractive together with the additional cash back after purchasing a total of $500 for the first three months of card use. This card has a rewards program that can let you earn big bonuses when you sign up for the revolving categories each quarter. If you often shop at Banana Republic and Gap Outlet, you can get huge rewards as well. This card does not have an annual fee throughout your use of it., unlike other cards where you only get to enjoy the no annual fee offer for the first year of card use.

Discover® Motiva Card

Aside from giving you 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases, this card also provides huge bonuses. If you have shown that you are a responsible cardholder, you can earn cash back bonus for yourself. Shop online through the issuer’s website and you can get big cash rebates when you buy at their partner retailers over the web. Discover® Motiva card has no annual fee and there are no redemption fees as well.

Iberiabank Visa® Gold Card

The intro APR on balance transfers is not 0% but is less than 2%. The rate will not change for six months. After that, the APR on balance transfers will be equivalent to your purchase APR, which is based on your creditworthiness. Iberiabank is known for giving consumers very low APR so you are assured that you can get great deals. There’s also cash back rewards on all purchases, which can be redeemed anytime.

Special Mention: Slate® from Chase

Although Slate® from Chase has no rewards, this has one of the best balance transfer offers right now. Its $0 balance transfer fee and an intro 0% APR on both purchases and balance transfers are unbeatable. For more than a year, you do not have to pay the interest on all your purchases. Another great thing about this card is that it has no annual fee.

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