Chase Freedom Visa

The Chase Freedom Visa is one of your best choices if you are looking for a credit card that lets you earn rewards. The card does not only give cash backs for every purchase, but also gives instant bonuses for new sign ups. You also get to enjoy a long introductory period for the APR on purchases with this card. Moreover, you will also get to enjoy 0% interest balance transfers for one whole year from sign up.

How to Qualify

To qualify for this card, you must have excellent credit. Some people, however, are luckier than others and may easily get approved even when they only have good to fair scores. The average score required to get approved for this card is 701, which is considered a good rating. If you meet other requirements, such as the income prerequisites, you may still get approved even if your score is below 630.

Why You Should Get Chase Freedom®

There are many reasons why you should get this card instead of its counterparts. For one, this comes with numerous benefits, which you can enjoy as a cardholder. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect with the card:

  • No Annual Fee – Most cards today that come with a solid rewards program require you to pay the annual membership fee (AMF). The Chase Freedom® is an exception. You can enjoy using the card without paying for it yearly.
  • Bonus Cash Back for Newly Approved Holders – Signing up for this card entitles you to receive a hefty bonus, which is one of the best deals today. It also has a low requirement for getting the bonus. Higher Cash Back on Rotating Categories – If you are a regular spender, you may be able to take home up to $1,500 every quarter. That is a lot of free money, which can only be gained through Chase. You will need to sign up for specific categories, though. However, there is nothing to worry about because you will be informed in advance regarding the categories that will dominate the next quarter.
  • Cash Back on All Purchases – This is actually a common program in many rewards card. However, Chase Freedom Visa has a more lenient offer, since it offers no minimum and maximum limit on cash back. This offer is quite rare, especially since this card does not have an annual fee.
  • No Expiry on Cash Rebates – Because there is no restriction on the total amount that you can accumulate, you can save up as much as you want. In addition to that, your points will not expire. You can redeem them and convert them to cash anytime you want.
  • Free Chase Blueprint Program – When you have the Chase Freedom Visa, you do not have to enroll separately to the Blueprint program. It is included for free so that every card holder can gain the assistance they need in repaying their balances faster.

The only downside to this card is that it has late and over-limit fees. You can avoid these, though, if you pay your balances in full and on time. All in all, the Chase Freedom® Visa is a great card for people who love cash rebates.

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