Citi Forward Vs Blue Cash 5% Points vs 6% Cash American Express Blue Cash Preferred

Citi Forward® Card 5% Points vs American Express Blue Cash Preferred 6% Cash

Cash is always better than points and easier to claim. Plus, there is no converting of points to dollars etc. Plus there is a valuable tip to really extend your rewards even farther.

Tip of the day

Use your Blue Cash PreferredSM Card from American Express to buy Amazon Gift cards at the Supermarket / Grocery Store, and then earn 6% cash back on these purchases. This is much easier to claim then points with the Citi Forward® Card. In addition take your American Express card to the gas station with you to earn another 3% back on purchases. Compare the top Gas Rewards credit card offers here.

Visa and No Annual Fee

Every story has two sides and obviously we need to let the Citi Forward® Card defend itself. Yes, clearly Visa is accepted at many more places than American Express, and there is no annual fee with the Citi Forward® Card. These are two things you definitely want to consider…convenience and fees. Can you offset the annual fee of the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card?


Most supermarkets accept American Express, as well as most gas stations. So if you know this and can offset the annual fee (see below for details) then the Blue Cash PreferredSM wins over the Citi Forward® Card. If you cannot offset the fees and you don’t have access to supermarkets and gas stations that accept American Express then definitely opt for the Citi Forward® Card. Either way compare the cards below and apply for the one that works best for you.

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