Instant Approval Balance Transfer Credit Cards

If you need to transfer your balances immediately, you might want to use a credit card that offers instant approval. Performing a balance transfer can be beneficial for people who have high interest debt. Since this type of card is created for this particular purpose, you can enjoy interest-free transfers for a limited period. After the introductory period, you can be assured that the balance transfer rate will remain favorable.

Why Instant Approval Balance Transfer Card is The Way to Go

Instant approval cards, as the name implies, let you obtain the credit card application response promptly. Contrary to the traditional method, you only have to wait a few hours to a few minutes. Currently, more and more creditors are offering instantaneous decision-making on applications. You can get the response that you are waiting for in just 60 seconds.

As you know, time is moving very fast especially when you are in debt. Your interest fees quickly increase with each passing day. It is important that you pay your balances right away to avoid incurring more interest. This can be difficult if your card already has high APR. You can reduce your burden by means of a balance transfer card that has low interest.

Instant approval balance transfer cards not only solve your high interest problem but also diminish the amount of time you waste as you wait. Balance transfers in general take several weeks to complete. Opening a new credit account and performing a balance transfer simultaneously can take two weeks for the payment to be fully processed. Some issuers even require three or more weeks to finalize the transfer. Because of the delay, it is advised that you continue making at least the minimum payments for your existing cards. This is to prevent your debt from incurring more interest over time.

Balance Transfer Cards to Consider

  • Capital One® Platinum Prestige Card. For a limited time, you can enjoy 0% APR on balance transfers with this card. This also comes with 0% APR on every purchase and there’s no annual fee as well. This provides an instant reply when you send your application online. This also provides travel insurance, roadside assistance, and purchase security.
  • Citi Simplicity® Card . This is one of the best balance transfer cards today. There is no interest on balance transfers and purchases for nearly two years. Your creditworthiness will be assessed to determine your standard APR. If you have any questions, every cardholder is given direct access to a customer service representative 24 hours a day and 7 times a week. Aside from the absence of an annual fee, there are also no late and penalty fees.
  • Discover® Open Road Card. If you are searching for an instant approval balance transfer card, here’s a great one to consider. Not only does this provide low permanent APR on balance transfers but this also comes with rewards. This is perfect for people who are always on the road since you can avail of travel assistance and insurance as well as cash back rewards for every gas purchase you make.

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