Instant Approval Rewards Credit Cards

The typical waiting time for the response on a credit card application is two weeks to a month. If you have excellent credit, though, this can be reduced to only seven days. However, if you apply for instant approval credit cards, you only need to wait for a few hours. Some may even mail you their decision within 60 seconds. Those who are in a rush can truly benefit from this type of card. Aside from giving you instant response, you can also find credit cards that come with great rewards.

Before you apply for an instant approval rewards card, you should have all the necessary information ready. You may be required to provide your annual household income, your present and previous home addresses, your employment history, and a list of all your bank accounts. If you have good to excellent credit, many issuers will be eager to please you with their best deals. Here are some of the best rewards cards that provide instant approval:

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