Top 5 Best Gas Rebates Cards

Every person who drives knows that gas prices are not affordable at the moment. If you are frequently on the road with your car, you want something that rewards you as you pay at the pump. Gas rebates cards are an excellent option especially if you do not believe in paying interest rates. You should know that a gas rebate credit card comes with a much steeper annual percentage rate than any other card out there. If you can pay your credit card bills in full every month, you can be confident in your gas rewards card.

Now that you are ready, here are the top 5 best gas rebates cards that you can choose from:

PenFed VISA Platinum Gas/Cash Rewards Card

Pentagon Federal Credit Union or simply PenFed offers every gas price-conscious traveler a great rewards card. Unlike other major competitors, PenFed is not a bank and is not quite well known in the card industry. However, if you are searching for wallet-friendly products, they are one of your best choices. This VISA Platinum Gas/Cash Rewards Card provides the biggest cash back on every gas purchase you make. However, the cash back rate on other purchases is less than 1% which is quite a downer. Fortunately, this card does not charge foreign transactions and cash advances. There’s also no annual fee and over the limit fee.

Blue Cash PreferredSM Card from American Express

Although this card has lower gas reward rate than PenFed’s version, this is a great all-around rebates card. You not only get rewards when you purchase gasoline but also on groceries. You can get an even higher rate when you buy using your card at supermarkets. There is no limit in the total amount that you can earn as well.

Discover® Open Road Card

As the name suggests, this is a travel rewards card especially created for drivers like you. If you frequently purchase gas and combine it with your dining expenses, you can get over $200 reward each month. This has no annual fee and can also be used for balance transfers. This has 0% APR on both purchases and balance transfers for over a year.

Ink Cash(SM) Business Card

Every businessman needs to travel to and from work. Then there are other destinations to visit as well to make sure the company stays competitive as ever. With the Ink Cash(SM) Business Card from Chase, you can get a bit of help on gas purchases. Aside from cash back rewards on gas, you can also get rebates whenever you pay for your meal using your card. Purchase cable and phone services and office supplies to get the most out of this no-annual fee plastic. You can get apply for this card here.

Citi ExxonMobil MasterCard®

Both Citi and ExxonMobil are recognizable names in the United States. With this card, the two companies show just how dedicated they are with providing consumer-friendly products. If you are a loyal Exxon and Mobile customer, you can get a discount for every gallon you purchase. This card does not have an annual fee. Instead, it pays you according to the total purchase you make every year. Every cardholder will be given a Speedpass tool which quickens purchase processes.

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