Visa Rewards Cards – Great Choices for Travelers

Every traveler should bring at least one Visa card whenever they go overseas. Visa rewards cards are accepted by millions of merchants around the globe. If you need instant cash but are miles away from home, you can turn to the cash advance facility of this card.

Check out the different Visa cards below:

Chase Sapphire PreferredSM Card

This card provides exciting bonuses for newly approved applicants. After using this for three consecutive months and charging at least a thousand dollar worth of purchases on it, the cardholder can earn hefty bonus points, which can total up to 500 dollars of travel credits. Like most cards, this has an annual fee, but you can enjoy it for free within one year of ownership. Look at the features of this card below:

Chase Freedom® Visa

Another great card from JPMorgan Chase, Freedom® offers bonus cash backs for new cardholders and provides a no-annual fee offer. Huge cash back points can be earned for varying categories that rotate every quarter of the year. You can earn points when you use your card for purchases on gas, department stores, groceries, or even for your home improvement project. If you prefer shopping online and make your purchases at Chase’s shopping portal, you can earn even much bigger cash back.

To apply for this card visit Chase. To browse its features, see below:

Marriott Rewards® Credit Card

Every traveler who is a Marriott advocate should get the Marriott Rewards® credit card. It is an exceptional Visa rewards card that gives free stays as you continually use it for purchases. Every dollar spent entitles you to gain 3 points. This offer, though, is only applicable to purchases made within Marriott locations. If you will be shopping elsewhere, your acquisitions will still be rewarded. Choosing this card is a wise move because this allows you to easily obtain two free nights at any participating Marriott hotel.

Blue Sky from American Express®

This card has an easy to understand rewards structure. Just like other rewards cards, this allows you to earn one point for every dollar you spend. The more points you earn, the better the rewards that you will get. The best thing about this card is that you can redeem your points on any airline. You can also use your points for free night stays at any hotel you wish. Car rentals are also allowed using your points and the best thing is that you can choose which company to rent a car with. Aside from that, there are no restrictions on the number of points that you can accumulate. You can claim your rewards anytime even during holidays and there is no annual fee as well.

All Visa rewards cards may hold great features but to make the most of them, you must be able to choose the best card that will fit your lifestyle and your needs. Compare the features of each card listed above and carefully weigh each of them before making a choice.

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