0% APR Credit Cards From Chase

Chase is one of the leading credit card issuers that offer customers or cardholders the best money-saving offers there are. The company has a variety of 0% APR credit cards, which can significantly help cardholders to save on expenses if they know how to use their plastics wisely. Most 0% APR offers by Chase are applied to both purchases and balance transfers.

0% APR Cards on Purchases from Chase

If you are searching for 0% APR credit cards from Chase, particularly those having focus on purchases, the following are some of your best choices:

Disney’s Premier Visa® Card. This offers up to 2% in rewards dollar from Disney, plus it provides an initial bonus to new sign ups. Unlike other cards, it does not have redemption and earnings limit. Hence, you can accumulate as much points as you want. There is also no minimum required point level to redeem your rewards. Of course, this card has 0% APR, which you can take advantage of for up to six months.

Chase PerfectCard™ MasterCard®. This card comes with a 0% introductory rate on purchases. During the first few months of account opening, you get stunning rebates and huge cash back points. This is a great card for those who are frequently on the road as it brings more than the standard cash back percentage on gas purchases.

0% APR Cards on Balance Transfers and Purchases from Chase

For those who wish to make a balance transfer from their previous card to a Chase credit card, here are the top choices that also come with 0% offer on purchases:

Chase Freedom® Credit Card. This is an excellent choice if you want to gain points super fast. All purchases you make are eligible to earning extra points or cash back. The card is equipped with the Ultimate RewardsSM Program from Chase, allowing you to redeem a multitude of rewards from millions of available selections. There are no restrictions on the points that you can earn and redeem for one whole year. They will also never expire even if you do not use your card. The 0% APR is offered on both balance transfers and purchases and can continue for at least six months.

Slate® from Chase. If saving is the name of your game, you do not have to look any further. Slate® is probably the most popular credit card for people who wish to do a balance transfer today. The intro rate is so great that many creditors fail to compete against it. Purchases are interest free for a limited time, usually up to nine months, but this would depend on your credit score. If you have excellent rating, you can enjoy the offer up to 15 months. This does not have a rewards program but the absence of the balance transfer fees makes this a perfect tool for people with existing debt.

Chase has straightforward cards ideal for people who want to transfer their balances. There are also exceptional cards that make purchases easier to pay, thanks to the 0% APR introductory offer.

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