Advantages of Credit Cards to Frequent Travelers

Credit cards can aid frequent flyers a lot, which is why they are typically used as an alternative to cash. With a travel card, you are given the opportunity to start racking up points or miles that you can use to redeem free flights or even hotel stays. If you fly a lot, here are the reasons why you should sign up for your own plastic:

Sign Up Bonus

Get frequent flyer miles and huge points for free. Most of the travel cards today reward new cardholders with sign up bonuses, making it easier to collect points more quickly.

Travel Insurance

Accidents may happen and when they do, people usually don’t have enough funds to cover them. Your travel card automatically lets you obtain insurance while you are on the road.

Enhanced Coverage

Most cards, especially Platinum cards, have better coverage when it comes to travel-related incidents. In addition to personal travel insurance, evacuation expenses, repatriation and legal expenses, hospital benefits, and the likes may be covered as well.

Baggage Protection

Lost or stolen baggage can be covered by your card. There are many cards that offer insurance for luggage misplaced at airports. There are even those that provide replacement for your belongings.

More Rewards

Reap your rewards as you travel from one place to another. Frequent travelers will surely benefit from a good card because they can obtain bonus points, air miles, cash back, and discounts. Even everyday purchases, such as groceries and gas, can help accumulate miles. It is quite easy to look for a card that comes with higher points per dollar conversion that is especially made for frequent travelers.

Trip Cancellation or Interruption Indemnity

Whether you have booked a flight, a cruise, or a tour, you know how expensive it can get. One of the worst things that could happen is getting your trip cancelled, especially if you have already paid it in full. Provided that the reason behind the cancellation is due to a covered cause, you can use your card to reimburse the trip costs.

Purchase Protection

This is quite important to many travelers since they are usually abroad. If you buy goods even in another country, you can still acquire the protection needed against loss, theft, and accidental damage. In line with this, extended warranties are often given as well. You can buy with a comforting thought that your purchase is with warranty for up to an additional year.

Exclusive Perks

Most travel cards have hefty annual fees, but they have select perks that can never be obtained with just any card. From boosting elite status to free airport access, you can get them all with the right plastic. For instance, the American Express Platinum Card® has an annual fee of $450, which is one of the biggest yearly charges ever. Nevertheless, it awards cardholders with airline perks, including waived air fees every year. With this card, you can access Priority Pass Select, which allows you to enter airport lounges that cost over $200 per 10 visits. You can only take full advantage of the said card if you are a frequent flyer.

Choosing the best credit card is the key to getting the advantages if you are a frequent traveler. With the benefits mentioned above, you can be assured that you can obtain peace of mind even if you are home away from home.

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