Best Western MasterCard Credit Card

The Best Western MasterCard credit card is popularly known as one of the top cards for Canadian residents. If you live in Canada and you wish to take advantage of plenty of hotel rewards, this is a great option to consider. With this card, you can earn hotel accommodations, elite status upgrade, and gift cards, all of which are offered for free.

Attractive Card Features

The Best Western MasterCard credit card comes with a decent rewards program. You can earn points and premium benefits that match the incentives of a platinum MasterCard. One exciting quality of this card is that you can earn thousands of free points after you make your first purchase. Simply use your card and pay for any amount. You are guaranteed to receive up to 20,000 points for free. Note that the total points you can acquire will depend on your credit score.

You also get to earn points for each dollar you spend. The points you can earn are guaranteed to be higher than industry standard. Aside from that, you can also upgrade your elite status for one-tier if you spend at least $6,000 per annum. This also protects you against unauthorized use and purchases 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If problems arise and you need to contact their customer support, you can do so anytime you wish. If you get approved for this card, you are automatically eligible to earn Best Western Rewards.

More Rewards and Perks

Aside from the rewards you gain through your purchases, you also get rewards if you use your card’s cash advance facility. Not a lot of cards let you have this kind of incentive. Most actually impose a huge cash advance fee instead of providing rewards. This card is an exception to the norm as it lets you earn 50 points whenever you take out cash from an ABM. Since this is a MasterCard, you can use it in over 40,000 machines in many parts of the world where the network is accepted.

Another special quality of this card is that it comes with instant credit limit increase assessment. You can call your issuer during business hours and a customer representative will be happy to serve you. You will learn whether you get approved for a credit limit increase in just an hour or less.

This card also supports emergency card replacement, which is useful for those who have lost their card but need credits right away. You only need to report the incident and your card will arrive within 48 hours.

Is This Card for You?

If you like rewards, you may consider applying for this card. You can take advantage of the full benefits offered by this card if you often stay at Best Western hotels. Earning elite status is a must for every traveler since this lets you gain more exclusive perks and bonuses. This card is ideal for you if you usually charge your everyday purchases against your card. This will also work great for you if you aim to get a card that does not charge an annual fee but lets you transfer balances.

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