Citicard Credit Cards

Citibank has come a long way when it comes to providing consumer-friendly credit cards. The company is one of the largest and most trusted names in the United States. It is no wonder that they have been around for 200 years now. Citi has a wide variety of cards – from those that let you earn rewards to those that are designed for small businesses. There are also cards that are created for people with fair and bad credit.

Citicards for Personal Use with No Annual Fees

If you do not like paying annually to keep your card, there are Citibank credit cards designed for your needs. Among them are the following:

  • Citi Simplicity® Card – Aside from being annual fee-free, this card comes with low APR on purchases. As a matter of fact, you can enjoy 0% APR for more than a year. This card is one of the most straightforward plastics ever handed out to consumers. You can also use this card for balance transfers. This card has no late fees and penalty rates.
  • Citi ThankYou® Preferred Rewards Card – A card with no annual fee but has rewards is a great deal. This card comes with ThankYou Points® for all your purchases. In addition, you also get bonus points during the anniversary of your card. Gather as many points as you want since there are no limitations and expiration dates.
  • Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card – Again, this card has no annual fee. This is also a rewards card that gives you up to 5% cash back on partner merchants. All other items you buy are worth a point per dollar spent.
  • Citicards for Your Business Needs

    If you run a small company, you can support your monthly cash flow with the use of the following cards from Citi:

  • CitiBusiness ThankYouSM Card – This card has no annual fee and lets you take advantage of 0% APR on purchases for half a year. This is also a rewards card where you can earn up to three ThankYou Points® each time you make eligible purchases.
  • CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® – This has an annual fee but it is waived for the first year. You can earn thousands of miles, which you can use at American Airlines when you meet the required amount of purchase within the first three months of opening your card. This card is great for business travelers as it allows them to save on luggage fees and in-flight purchases. You can also save time as this card lets you enjoy priority boarding.
  • Citicards for Students

    Citi also has several cards for college students. These include:

  • Citi Forward® Card for College Students – This does not have an annual fee and it rewards the young responsible cardholders. Pay your bills three cycles in a row and stay under your credit limit to earn huge discounts and free credits.
  • Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Card for College Students – You can obtain this card without presenting a co-signer. This has no annual fee and you can get cash back on eligible purchases. All items you buy are interest-free for a total of seven months.
  • With the variety of Citibank credit cards available in the market, there is certainly one that best fits your lifestyle and your needs. Feel free to choose from any of the various types of Citicards to start enjoying the benefits that Citi provides to all its cardholders.

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