MBNA Studentawards WorldPoints

Every student can benefit from a credit card. This financial tool is a quick gateway to building credit history. Provided that the young knows how to manage his or her credits responsibly, this particular spending vehicle could present more than just convenience. Given the fact that most students don’t have enough credit yet, it would be difficult for them to get approved for a card. Fortunately, there are a number of cards specifically designed for students, one of which is the MBNA Studentawards WorldPoints.

The card is issued by MBNA Canada Bank and is perfect for students who wish to gain rewards every time they make a purchase. The MBNA Studentawards WorldPoints is a MasterCard, so this can easily be used in many parts of the world.


Currently, there are three card varieties in the WorldPoints series from MBNA, including this student card that has no annual fee. MBNA Studentawards WorldPoints is efficient – every card holder is given access to travel spending and cash rewards. The rates are competitive, which is quite important to a college student.

When it comes to the rewards program, all card owners can obtain 1 point for each dollar that they spend on retail purchases. If you frequently use your card in stores, rest assured that you will quickly rack up on the rewards points in just a short time. Best of all, this card will give you a head start in accumulating rewards. Once you sign up and get approved, you are eligible to earning up to 1,000 extra points. Activate the bonus points by simply making your first purchase with the card.

Students could always benefit from a straightforward and clear terms and conditions, especially in the rewards program. This card provides such clarity as it states that a card holder who wishes to redeem his rewards may do so provided that he has at least 1,000 points. Redemption is quite easy and the points can be exchanged for gift cards and gift certificates. These can be used in gas stations, cinemas, and restaurants.

One good trick in taking full advantage of the MBNA Studentawards WorldPoints card is to hold on to the acquired points a while longer. Letting them grow before redeeming them can truly be beneficial especially if you would like to purchase airline tickets. The rewards points that you have gathered may be used for both domestic and international air travels. You also have the option to use them for hotel stays, car rentals, and cruises.

The MBNA Studentawards WorldPoints card is ideal for every student who wants to save money. If you continuously use your card for purchases, you earn several points. These points can give you additional cash, which you can receive in the form of gift checks, travel credits, and gift cards. Since you can collect as many points as you want and there is no expiry date, you can save up your rewards for your next big purchase.

Though the card comes with great benefits, it should be noted that card holders are expected to use their cards actively. Rewards don’t expire, but if you miss a lot of payment schedules, your hard earned points may be forfeited.

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