Rewards Credit Cards with the Best Fraud Protection Programs

Rewards credit cards are packed with attractive features. Aside from the convenience they offer, they also provide rewards and perks every time you use them for purchases. There are also other benefits, such as warranty extension, upgrades, and fraud protection. The latter is a critical component that should be present in your rewards card. These days, there are many thieves waiting to prey on unwary consumers. The fraud protection program can protect you against such personalities.

Understanding the Fraud Protection Program of a Credit Card

Rewards cards and other types of credit cards are now mostly equipped with anti-fraud protection. This feature is designed to help cardholders fight against identity thieves and fraudsters alike. In accordance with the United States Federal Law, all credit cardholders are liable for up to 50 dollars’ worth of unauthorized charges. There are rare cases wherein the owner of the card may have to pay for the full amount of the illegal purchase performed. However, since your card comes with fraud protection, all purchases made after you have reported the loss of your card will not be charged against you. Hence, you will not have to pay for anything even the $50 maximum legal liability.

Cards with Supreme Fraud Protection Programs

Do you want to have a card that provides rewards while offering peace of mind whenever you carry it around? Here are your top choices:

  • Blue from American Express® – Aside from letting you earn points for all purchases you make, you also get to shop with confidence using this card. Whether you plan on purchasing online or at a local store, all eligible purchases will be covered by this card. AMEX can investigate any strange charges made on your card that appears on your monthly statement. When proven counterfeit, you don’t have to pay for the cost. Additionally, broken and stolen goods will also be handled by the company for you.
  • Bank of America® Accelerated Rewards® Card – This card gives you more than just the standard 1 point for every dollar rewards program. You also get to add extra layer of protection through the card’s ShopSafe® program. SafePass® is another feature that gives more security where you can add a code to authenticate your SiteKey® image. Consumers can also get overdraft protection, which is an optional service to prevent purchases rejection and other overdrafts.
  • Navy Federal Credit Union nRewards – Get rewarded whenever you purchase your everyday needs with this card. All card holders are given protection against identity theft and fraudulent purchases. Additional benefits include auto rental collision damage waiver and auto rental insurance.
  • Citi Forward® for College Students – Citi understands that college students need all the help they can get especially when it comes to fighting fraud. This card provides a strong fraud protection program including $0 fraudulent purchase liability, Photocard, and exclusive ID theft solutions. From purchase protection to automatic travel accident insurance, every card holder will surely obtain security and confidence while enjoying the excellent rewards.
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