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American Express is one of the largest card issuers around the world. They typically cater to people with high spending capabilities. This is why it makes sense that they have a great number of business cards for companies of all sizes. At present, there are four corporate cards issued by AMEX. These include the following:

The Enhanced Plum Card®

If you own a business, one card that you can consider from American Express is the Enhanced Plum Card®. This card is what you should opt for if you often pay your balances in full on time or even before the deadline. It offers a 2% discount, which includes the 1.5% discount for those who choose to pay off their balances before the repayment schedule. Spend up to $250,000 and you can get 0.5% off on all your purchases.

This card offers more options than its predecessor, the Plum Card®, so that all your business’ needs will be met. It is great for travelers, as it comes with baggage and car rental insurance. There is no spending limit and no interest rates for this card.

The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

A business traveler can earn a lot from this card, since it offers 3 points for every dollar spent on airfare. Two points can be earned if you use the card in select media, gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations, and shipping. All other purchases and services are guaranteed to be worth 1 point per dollar. The more you spend, the more rewards you get. There are a wide variety of options for redeeming rewards, including merchandise, electronic gadgets, and designer clothing.

You can apply for this card here.

The SimplyCash® Business Card

If you want cash back whenever you spend, this is the card to get. This is an ideal card for startups since it does not only gives rewards, but offers no annual fee as well. There is even an introductory period for purchases that runs for at least six months. If you have high business credit score, you can enjoy the 0% APR for one whole year.
Like most business credit cards from American Express, the SimplyCash® Business card is great for office supply purchases. It is also an excellent card for wireless telephone services as it gives out cash back for every purchase in this category. In addition, it gives cash back for gasoline purchases and all other eligible consumptions. You can even multiply your cash back rewards if you get additional cards for your employees.

You can get the Simply Cash Business card here.

The Business Platinum Card®

Finally, here’s the top-of-the-line business card from AMEX. The Business Platinum Card® has an expensive annual fee, but many agree that the amenities it provides substantiate the cost. It is jam-packed with features, including up to $200 in sstatement credit, up to 20% rebate, no spending limits, no interest rates, and exclusive business lounge access. Hotel upgrades, VIP treatment, premium rental car membership, fee credits of up to $200 each year, 24/7 roadside assistance, and so much more can be obtained with just this one plastic.

When deciding which business credit cards from American Express to sign up for, look at the annual fee, the benefits, and rewards of the card. Don’t forget to consider the needs of your business to arrive at the perfect card.

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