Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa or MasterCard

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® is probably most popular because of the thousands of bonus points it offers to new sign ups. The card is often identified as a part of the Visa network, particularly Visa Signature. Most of the previous versions of the Sapphire Preferred card from Chase were Visa, but soon enough, MasterCard versions has become available as well. Except for the network, there is not much difference between the two as both have similar appearance with the same number of bonus points.

Features of the Card

Whether you get Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa or MasterCard, you may be able to obtain the following benefits: No Foreign Transaction Fees.
The annual fee is waived for the first year. Although there are late fees, you won’t have to pay for over-the-limit fee.

Maximizing Your Rewards

Chase does not usually allow card holders to claim sign up bonuses for the same card twice. They may approve your application if you apply for another and send you the card. However, they will send you a letter that explains that the bonus is not available for the second time. Getting additional bonus is possible only if the sign up points are from different card types.

The good news is that Chase Sapphire Preferred® Visa is technically different from Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard. Hence, you may be able to apply for the other version to claim another point bonus. For instance, if you have the Visa version, you can reapply for the Sapphire Preferred MasterCard. It is advised, however, that you wait at least 30 days prior to the submission of your application. This way, you have better chances of getting approved.

How to Apply for the MasterCard Version

If you apply through Chase’s website, the Sapphire Preferred® offered there is Visa Signature by default. The simplest way to get the World Elite MasterCard version is to visit MasterCard’s website and apply there. Another method is to call Chase and request to switch from Visa to MasterCard. It is ultimately up to Chase whether they will honor your request or not. A lot of people have had good luck carrying both versions of the card at the same time. In essence, they applied for both separately.

If you get approved for both cards, you will definitely benefit from all the points, which could amount to 80,000. You could easily get to your next vacation destination without spending a lot of cash.

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