Citi Platinum Select Visa vs Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage Visa Signature Card

If you have an excellent credit score and you like banking with Citi, there are two cards that you may want to add to your wallet. These are the Citi Platinum Select Visa and the Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage Visa Signature card. Although these two almost have identical names, each has distinct qualities that made each one unique from the other. One of them may be right for your spending requirements.

Citi Platinum Select Visa

It is a sad reality that many cardholders end up in debt nowadays. If you currently owe your card company some money, you may want to look at the Citi Platinum Select Visa card. Its long introductory period for balance transfers makes it a worthy candidate for a place in your wallet.

This Platinum card offers 18 months of interest-free period not only for balance transfers, but for purchases as well. Aside from that, it has no annual fee. The APR starts at 11.99% for those who have high credit scores. You can access your account online and manage it on the go, making it an excellent card if you are always on the road. Furthermore, it comes with auto rental insurance, travel accident insurance, and lost luggage coverage. You also get trip interruption coverage and travel and medical assistance. If you often rent a car with Hertz, you can also get huge discounts with this card.

Citi Platinum Select Visa comes with Citi® Price Rewind, a feature that lets you purchase now and save later. For instance, if you register eligible purchases, for 30 days, Citi will look for the same item but with a lower price. If there’s one that’s at least $25 lower than the price you paid, you will get the difference back.

You can get the Citi Platinum Select Visa here.

Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage Visa Signature Card

This personal credit card may be everything you need if you frequently fly with American Airlines. You are eligible to earning thousands of bonus points with this card if you are able to reach its required minimum spending amount within a particular month. You are also eligible to receive flight discounts on American Airlines flights if you are able to spend a huge amount on a particular year. Aside from that, you get to enjoy having your first checked bag free for every flight you get. You may also enjoy priority boarding on all American Airlines flights.

The Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage Visa Signature card also provides other benefits, such as $0 fraud liability and identity theft solutions. Extended warranty on purchases and personal concierge service are automatically provided. Even though this is a credit card, there is no pre-set spending limit; however, you have to pay your balances in full whenever you exceed your revolving limit.

You can get Citi Platinum Select / AAdvantage Visa Signature Card here.

Which is Better?

If you want a card that has no interest fees on purchases and balance transfers for 18 months, the no-annual fee Citi Platinum Select Visa is for you. If you are a loyal American Airlines flyer and you want to earn rewards, stick with the Citi Platinum Select AAdvantage Visa Signature card.

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