Hotel Rewards Cards – Hyatt vs Marriot Credit Card

Hyatt and Marriot credit cards are both great hotel rewards cards. These two are both from Chase and both offer enticing benefits and rewards to cardholders. If you are considering getting any of these cards, knowing the advantages and downsides of each may help you make your big decision.

Hyatt Credit Card Requisites and Benefits

Like many other cards, the Hyatt card charges an annual fee, which can prove to be quite high for average cardholders. It also offers a high APR and it charges balance transfer transactions. It also offers a transaction APR that is equivalent to your purchase rate. While these may seem to be a downside for the card, it is relieving to know that you can use this card anywhere in the world without worrying about foreign transaction charges. This is why this card is best to get if you are a frequent traveler abroad.

Everytime you use this card to book at Hyatt hotels abroad, you are eligible to earning points. There are no limits on the points you can accumulate. Moreover, this card allows you to reach Platinum status at the hotel rather quickly. If you choose this card and get approved for it, you can easily get two free nights at a Hyatt hotel.

Marriot Credit Card Terms and Privileges

This card also has an annual fee, which is waived for the first year. This means that you can enjoy using this card without worrying about APR on your first year of using this hotel rewards card. The APR on both balance transfers and purchases is lower than Hyatt’s. However, unlike the Hyatt card, this charges foreign transaction fees for every $1 spent in other countries. You can also use this card to gain elite status fast on Marriot hotels.

Which Card Will Work For You?

If you frequently stay at Marriot, then you already know the answer. If you are a Hyatt lover, you should definitely pick the Hyatt card. The decision can be tough if you don’t have a particular hotel in mind and are just looking for a good hotel card to start with.

The main difference between these two cards is the convenience they offer when they are used out of the country. Once you use your Marriot card on purchases outside the United States, you may be charged with transaction fee. In this case, you might want to evaluate your itinerary first before you decide which card to apply for. This is especially helpful if you are often travelling abroad.

Marriot trumps the Hyatt card in the bonus department, though. Hyatt cardholders get two nights for free when they meet the spending requirement. With Marriot, they can get six free nights, along with thousands of bonus points. You don’t have to spend to get two free nights, since they are automatically awarded upon approval.

Despite their differences, it cannot be denied that both the Hyatt and the Marriot credit card can give you a chance to earn unlimited hotel stays for free. Simply acquire points, rack them up, and redeem them for your next accommodation.

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