Iberiabank Visa Gold Card vs Iberiabank Visa Platinum Card

Iberiabank may not be as popular as the other banks and card issuers today, but it does bring something special to the table. In the credit card industry, it is quite rare to find a company that combines rewards and low interest rates. If this is what you are looking for, the Iberiabank Visa Gold Card and the Iberiabank Visa Platinum Card may exactly be what you are searching for.

Earn Cash Back Rewards with Iberiabank Visa Gold Card

If you have a score of at least 750, you can qualify for this cash back rewards card. Most cards that offer rewards come with an annual fee, but not this plastic. Even though this is a Gold card, it only has 15.25% as the maximum interest rate. In addition, the APR is only at 1.99% for six billing cycles. During the introductory period, you are guaranteed that this low rate will never change. Note that the rate here is only applied on balance transfers.

All eligible purchases are equal to 1% rebate, which is included in Iberiabank’s SCORECARD® Rewards Program. Since this is a Visa card, you can bring it anywhere without worrying about acceptance. There are also exclusive Visa enhancements, such as travel accident insurance, auto rental collision insurance, and roadside assistance. The latter includes car towing, fuel delivery, and tire changing.

Rewards and Prestige with Iberiabank Visa Platinum Card

This Platinum card has identical features with the Gold card. It has no annual fee, which is uncommon in a Platinum plastic. The variable interest rate is also very low, starting at 9.25% only. If you will be performing a balance transfer, this card may be a great option, as it only has 1.99% APR on the said transaction for a total of six months.

When it comes to rewards, this card once again has the same SCORECARD® point system where all eligible purchases are equal to one point per dollar spent. You may say that this is quite low compared to other rewards card in the market today. However, the main difference is that this card from Iberiabank does not require you to redeem with a high number of points. You can exchange your points for merchandise for as small as 700 points. You also have the option to turn your points into experience rewards, gifts, or hotel accommodations.

Earning points is easy with this card. In fact, you can earn up to 17,000 points without even doing a lot of purchasing during your first year. This is because 5,000 points are given to you right after you make your first purchase.

Meanwhile, the travel accident coverage of the Platinum card is outstanding as it offers up to $1,000,000 worth of insurance. There are also travel emergency assistance and auto rental damage waiver offered.

Both the Iberiabank Visa Gold Card and Iberiabank Visa Platinum Card have successfully merged low interest rates and cash back or rewards points. If you often carry a balance, then these two cards from the Louisiana-based financial institution are among your top choices.

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