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If you have suddenly received an invitation for Chase Slate®, you will be directed to this site: One of the questions that might come into your head upon receiving the invitation is why Chase would invite you to get one of their cards. This is most likely true if you never banked with Chase. The truth is that many financial institutions, particularly the credit card issuers, send out mails and emails to consumers that fit their product’s requirements. It should be noted that the invitation is simply what the name implies. It does not guarantee that you will really get the card.

ChasefromSlate is a Great Balance Transfer Credit Card is a website owned by JPMorgan Chase. You are required to enter a code to verify that you received the invitation. Once you have given the code and it is accepted, you will be redirected to an application page. There’s no need to worry about the security of the page. You can fill out the three required fields with confidence.

Twelve-Digit Invitation Number

The best method to get quick response is to go online and apply there. This is stated in the letter that you have received for the Slate® card from Chase. As mentioned, you need to input the invitation number, which is made up of 12 digits. This group of numbers is required in the first field. Nobody knows exactly how the sequence is generated except for the programmers at Chase. Nevertheless, it probably has something to do with the consumers’ information and the offer that the bank has sent to each one of them.

Zip Code

Aside from the invitation number, you will be asked to enter the zip code. This is to confirm your location and possibly to guarantee that you are the person who obtained the letter. The US zip code is made up of five digits. This is a required field; therefore, you should not leave this blank whether you received the invitation through email or by post.

Your Last Name

Finally, you need to provide your last name or the last name mentioned in the letter. This is for identification purposes, since the zip code and even this field can be obtained by other people. With the three pieces of information together, the whole system is secure.

Should You Apply at

Not everyone receives the Slate® from Chase invitation. If you have, you can visit the website to quicken the application process. You will end up on a protected server where you will fill out a form. Chase Slate® is an excellent card, especially for those who need help in consolidating their debts. It has no annual fee and has a 15-month introductory period on both purchases and balance transfers. Unlike most cards designed for shifting balances, Slate® does not come with a transfer fee for the first two months of card opening. If this is what you are looking for in a card, you should definitely apply at the website.

We all have heard about the horror stories of phishing sites, but the is positively not a scam. If you are still in doubt, you can simply apply at the official Chase website and locate Slate in the credit card category.

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