The American Express® Gold Card The American Express® Gold Card

American Express is one of the oldest credit card issuers in the world. They are well-known for providing superior services and benefits to cardholders. Of all the cards from AMEX, one cannot deny that the American Express® Gold card has become a status symbol. Average people cannot afford this card and will most likely be denied if they apply for it anyway.

The American Express® Gold card is not your ordinary credit card. In fact, it is not a credit card, but a charge card. Along with the superb features, such as no interest rates and no spending limits, there is one downside – the huge annual fee. The $125 yearly charge is enough to throw people off. Nevertheless, a number of the card’s supporters agree that the perks are more than enough to pay for the annual fee.

American Express® Gold Card Features

With this card, you can:

  • Earn one point for every dollar – no restrictions on the total number of points.
  • Earn up to 10 more points when you purchase at partner retailers.
  • Get travel rewards when you pay with points for your next flight or cruise destination.
  • Obtain exclusive protection for baggage and all eligible purchase.
  • Extend warranties and get return protection automatically.
  • Redeem points for virtually anything you want, including gift cards for entertainment, shopping, and dining.
  • Get huge discounts when traveling at Gold Card Destinations.
  • Stay at a participating hotel without paying for the entire amount. You may even be eligible for free hotel nights.
  • Book through the AMEX Gold Hotel Program to get 75 dollars’ worth of extra credits.

Annual Fee vs. Gold Benefits

The American Express® Gold card charges a high annual fee. This annual fee, however, is waived for the first year. To test out whether this card is really for you, you can test out its 12-month introductory period.

If you are a big spender and you use the card frequently, you can earn thousands of points, which you can convert to gift cards or convert to cash of up to $120, which you can use at a great number of retailers. These include Groupon, Barnes and Noble, and Lands’ End among others.

Aside from the rewards on purchases, you can benefit a lot from your Gold Card if you frequently travel. You can save a ton of cash if you often visit the Gold Card Destinations, which include a number of hotels in the United States, Argentina, China, United Kingdom, and Spain among many others.

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