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Citi ApplyNowThankYouCard Invitation

Citi ApplyNowThankYouCard Invitation

Apply for the Citi ThankYou® credit card offers below. Compare the different features and rewards that these cards have to offer and select the card that works the best for you. ThankYou® rewards points can add up fast and you can use these points for all types of rewards like gift cards, travel, food and more. Take a look at the cards below and apply today.

View all Citibank Credit Card offers here

Apply for the Indigo Mastercard Here - Excellent Credit Not Required

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  1. jarrett tobin

    my promo says 21 months 0% on transfers and purchases but I do not see any of those in what I have looked at

  2. admin

    You may want to check the date on that offer. Currently everything is running 18 months, but this can change.

  3. Lianne Aubert

    I received an invitation but I don’t see here a card that matches my offer.
    Mine says 0% APR x 18 months and after that 11.99%. I also says that it is a Thank You card but I don’t see the exact match here.

  4. Tom LeMoine

    I received an app. for 0% for 21 months
    but do not see any of those in what I have looked at.
    At the bottom of the app. is says apply by 08/15/’2013

  5. Margo

    I just received a 21 month 0% and then 11.99% variable APR.,invitation. Can’t find this anywhere on line. using the site. AmI not looking in the right place?
    Thank you.

  6. Juanita Curtis

    I’ve gotten this offer twice, 0% for 21 months for balance transfers, after that, 11.99%. There were no matches on the web site, and when I called to talk to a representative, he was unaware of this offer. My invitation number is 121131187142.

    If this product is not available, please do not send any more invitations.

  7. Sheryl Lahmer

    Received an offer for a Thank You Preferred card. Letter states 0% on balance transfers and purchases for 21 months. 11.99% after that. Offer good until 9/15/2013. Not seeing this offer any where on the website. Would like to take advantage of this, but only at these terms. Help, pls. Thank you

  8. Brian Berkey

    I received an offer for 0% for 21 months on balance transfers. Wondering where its at?
    Would like to take advantage of this. Can you please help or was this a bait & switch?

  9. L Arnold

    Received an offer for a 0% APR for 18 months, etc (see August 9th comment) however, this site does not have the same terms as my offer. Offer good til 9/15/13 also. Please explain.


    i have an invitation to appy an have put in all the info but it still says that i need to put in my ss# have done this 4 times aan still it will not go any where . I have an invitation # but dont see any card that ask for this so what is this a scam to get my info?


    i have finally submitted my info but i have ainvatation # and you denied the request so what gives all you wanted was my info ? here is my # you sent me an told me i was going to get a card but you lied ! # is 957471680. Please tell me right now why ! i demand an answer to my Question.

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