Airlines Credit Cards with Highest Bonus Miles / Points Rewards

Compare Airlines Rewards Credit Cards with the Highest Frequent Flyer Miles and Points Bonuses

Take a look at the Airlines and Travel Rewards credit card offers below to maximize your frequent flyer miles earnings potential. These bonus offers are great when getting enough frequent flyer miles to earn free airfare, hotel stays as well as other travel perks. These cards are sorted by which cards have the highest bonus miles offer.

How it works

Typically, the way it works, is when you apply and get approved you either get frequent flyer rewards that are awarded simply for applying and getting approved, or, you are awarded bonus miles after making a certain dollar amount of purchases within a given time frame (i.e. Spend $1,000 in the first 3 months to get a 25,000 bonus miles reward)

What’s the Catch?

The biggest catch would have to be the annual fee. While many of the cards offer you the first year with no annual fee, which gives you a chance to evaluate the card and test drive it. The annual fee should not cost you more than the rewards you plan on earning or actually earn in that year. If you use your card a lot and rack up 100,000 miles a year then the annual fee may be worth it, but if you are only spending a few hundred a month on the card, then the annual fee will definitely eat up most of the rewards, if not all your rewards over the year.

Take a look at all of our airlines rewards credit cards below and apply for the card that works the best with your spending habits and rewards earnings potential.

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