Best Rewards Cards for College Graduates

You’re in your last year of College or Graduated and want a Credit Card

So you just graduated college, or about to graduate soon. The question you have is what’s the best credit card for me to apply for?

Balance transfer

You probably racked up quite a bit of debt, and first things first, is getting high interest rate down to 0% or at the lowest possible rate. You can save yourself a ton of extra interest by doing this.

We recommend the Citi Simplicity Card, you get a great 0% Intro Offer and you don’t have to sweat credit card penalties.

5% cashback offers?

You’re going to be applying for a lot of jobs, commuting all over, and all this costs money. So why not get the maximum rewards back with a 5% cashback offer. Typically the 5% offer changes each quarter with different categories, sometimes you have to sign up for the offer each quarter, so be aware of this.

We like the Discover IT card for 5% Cashback

Also consider the Chase Freedom Card – 5% on Purchases and cash bonus plus no annual fee.

Blue Cash Everyday from American Express – Up to 3% Cash back and no annual fee

No annual fee

By now you probably have plenty of debt, and you don’t need to add to this. Make sure that you look for credit cards that feature no annual fee. Both the above cards from Citi and Discover have no annual fee as well as balance transfer offers. Take a look at all of our CreditSoup Balance Transfer Cards

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