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Citi.Com/Applycitisimplicity Invitation – Citi Apply Citi Simplicity

Citi.Com/Applycitisimplicity Invitation Citi Apply Citi Simplicity®

Citi.Com Applycitisimplicity the Simplicity card from Citibank offers exactly what it says. Simplicity! Which means no late fees, no penalty rates, and no waiting. Just say “representative” when you call and get connected right away. Take a look at the features of the card below, and compare this card to other great Citibank credit cards. Another great feature of the Simplicity card is the attractive balance transfer offer and no annual fee!

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  1. dan goodrich

    All my life,67 years of it I always used cash or check. I can’t keep up with this new tech., and because I use cash I seem to have no credit. i do however have a master debit card with all sorts of questions about it. Peoples United Bank
    But I am on a fixed income that sometimes is strained to survive. I don’t travel and stay home, but the “extras that come alone can’t be had with my income” I float up and down balance wise as different months go by. Can you help me graduate to this new type of finance? thank you

  2. William Allen

    I received an offer for 0% for 21 months on balance transfers and 11.99% apr after the 21 months are up and I don’t see that offer online and the form says for faster service go online to this site and it’s not listed?

  3. ralph g hall

    i went under the wrong select i had a invitation for 16.24 0 interest for 21 omonths i forgot to give my number (invitation number deleted for security purposes) please correct thank you

  4. admin

    When you receive your card give them a call (number on back of card, and they should adjust your apr and promo offers)

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