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You may have received a pre-approval letter in the mail for the Ollo Platinum MasterCard ( with a reservation number and access code you can get a quick 60 second response when you visit

Getmyollocard Invitation to Apply for Ollo Platinum Mastercard

The Ollo card is a great credit card to save on interest with a 0% introductory offer and quick credit line increases as long as you make payments on time. Simply enter the reservation number and access code from get my oil card. Come or if you don’t feel comfortable you can call +1-855-222-0050.

Features of the Ollo Platinum MasterCard
– 0% intro rate
– $0 annual fee
– No surprise fees.

Visit enter your reservation number and access code to apply today for your Ollo Platinum Mastercard or call 855-222-0050

Apply for the Indigo Mastercard Here - Excellent Credit Not Required

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