First Access Visa® Card Review Mail Invitation Offer Confirmation Number First Access Visa Pre-Approved Mail Invitation Offer to Apply with Confirmation Number

Invitation to Apply for First Access Visa® Card with Either Confirmation Number or Invitation Code

Did you receive an offer in the mail for a Preapproved Access code for the First Access Visa® Card? Which may contain a confirmation number, invitation code or access number / code.

First Access Visa® Card
First Access Visa® Card
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Purchase APR Rate: 35.99%* – Annual Fee: $75.00 1st year, $48.00 after* – Program Fee: $95.00* – Credit Needed: Fair

What Credit Limit Can I Get with First Access Visa® Card?

The First Access Visa® Card comes with a $300 credit limit, we were able to read some reviews online where users who left a review of the First Access Visa® card stated they were able to get credit limit increases in as low of time as 6 months. This would typically only apply on 6 months of on time payments.

What are the Fees Associated with the First Access Visa® Card?

The fees for the First Access Visa® Card are fairly heavy in comparison to the low credit limit offered. Please read the following points detailing the fees that come with Card

  • $95 One-Time Program Fee
  • $75 Annual Fee (First Year) $48 after that
  • $6.25 Monthly Servicing Fee (Waived the First Year)
  • $40 Late Payment / Returned Payment Fee

How to Get Approved for the First Access Visa Fast

Finishing your credit application for the First Access Visa? Here’s how to get it approved quickly and seamlessly. Let’s go!

Applying for a First Access Visa can be an easy process, and if you follow the right steps your credit application can get approved quickly and seamlessly.

  1. Check Your Credit History and Score – To increase your chances of being approved, you should always check your credit history and score before applying. Make sure there are no inaccuracies, outdated items or errors that could impact your decision.
  2. Gather Your Financial Documentation – Gathering plenty of financial information is essential for a successful First Access Visa application.
  3. Make Your Application Presentable – It’s also important to avoid any unnecessary mistakes when providing personal and financial details on the application itself.
  4. Submit Complete Documentations – To make this as speedy as possible you should make sure that you complete every section of the form accurately and completely.
  5. Monitor the Status of Your Application – You can check things like whether complete information has been received, if documents have been verified etc.

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