Upgrading to a Kwik Rewards Plus Debit or Credit Card by August 15, 2024, can significantly enhance your savings with a fantastic 25¢ per gallon fuel discount for an entire year or up to 200 gallons

Upgrade to a Kwik Rewards Plus Debit or Credit Card by August 15, 2024, and enjoy a fuel discount of 25¢ per gallon for a year (or up to 200 gallons)!

Kwik Trip Fuel Up Your Savings with a Kwik Rewards Plus Card (Limited Time Offer!)

Kwik Trip fans, listen up! There’s a way to slash your gas station spending for a whole year (or up to 200 gallons, whichever comes first). Here’s the scoop: upgrade to a Kwik Rewards Plus Debit or Credit Card by August 15th, 2024 and snag a whopping 25 cents per gallon discount on your fuel purchases for the next year!

Unlock Savings with Kwik Rewards Plus Cards

As a valued member, you’ll unlock exclusive benefits, including:

  • Streamlined Savings: Enjoy 5% off most in-store purchases, with some exclusions.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Get 3¢ off per gallon on fuel every time you fill up.
  • Debit-Exclusive Perks: No monthly bills, no credit check, and no annual fees or interest.
  • One Swipe Convenience: Combine loyalty and payment in a single swipe.
  • Automatic Discounts: Receive 3¢ off gas and 5% off in-store purchases with your Kwik Rewards Credit or Debit Card.
  • Uncomplicated Rewards: Enjoy all the same benefits as Kwik Rewards members with a single card

Debit-Exclusive Perks

  • No Monthly Bills: The Kwik Rewards Plus Debit Card links directly to your checking account, eliminating the hassle of monthly bills.
  • No Credit Check Required: Approval is based on having a qualifying bank account, making it accessible without a credit check.
  • No Annual Fees or Interest: Enjoy the convenience and savings without worrying about annual fees or interest charges.
  • One Swipe Loyalty & Payment: Simplify your transactions by combining your loyalty and payment into a single swipe.

Kwik Rewards Credit & Debit Benefits

  • Automatic 3¢ Off Gas: Use your Kwik Rewards Credit or Debit Card to purchase fuel at Kwik Trip and automatically save 3¢ per gallon at the pump.
  • 5% Off In-store: Enjoy a 5% discount on most in-store purchases with your Kwik Rewards Credit or Debit Card.

The Credit Card Choice:

The Kwik Rewards Plus Credit Card offers all the benefits mentioned above, with the added flexibility of building credit and managing purchases over time. Keep in mind, this option involves a credit check, interest rates, and monthly bills.

Easy Application Process

Make sure to submit your application by August 15, 2024, to take full advantage of this limited-time offer. Approved cardholders will receive a 25¢ per gallon fuel discount for up to 200 gallons or for one year, whichever comes first. To redeem this promotion, you must have an active and registered Kwik Rewards account throughout the promo period.

For more details on the terms and conditions, please visit the Kwik Trip Privacy Terms.

Upgrade today and start saving on fuel and in-store purchases with the Kwik Rewards Plus Debit or Credit Card!

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